Ways mobile apps help to tackle depression

Ways mobile apps help to tackle depression

Depression is an issue that requires urgent attention as it affects people from all walks of life and ages, especially teens. Unrealistic family expectations can lead to deep disappointment and dejection. Teenagers can suffer from depression due to issues in school or personal life. In a worst-case scenario, depression can also lead to self-harm and suicide.

It is unbelievable to notice that smartphone is steadily replacing the need for going to a therapist. There are now many mobile apps to help fight depression. Such a novel technology is helping many in addressing the implications of depression in daily life. Among a large number of apps around to address mental health challenges, one of the innovative apps to emerge is notOK App invented by teenage siblings, Hannah Lucas and Charlie Lucas. 

Reportedly, Hannah, who is suffering from a complicated medical condition that leads to frequent fainting, developed  anxiety and depression due to her problem. Unable to take care of her condition in the absence of her loved ones, she even started harming herself. The app assisted Hannah in alerting her friends and family members in the time of need. This has helped in alleviating her depression and anxiety too.

Such apps are bridging the gap between patients and care by including the provisions of immediate help and guidance. Generally, teens need someone with whom they can talk, share their inhibitions, and seek support in time of emotional and physical requirement. Due to the growing role of smartphones in daily life, one can leverage this tool for assisting the loved one during indispensable situations. Some of the key advantages of mobile apps in terms of addressing the challenges of depression are mentioned below:

  • Mobile apps can be configured by adding multiple contact numbers that can be contacted in case of any emergency by selecting the required actions, such as calling or sending messages. This helps family and friends to know that the person is okay and needs help. The message, along with the person’s current GPS location, is sent to his or her contact numbers.
  • Sometimes it is very difficult to talk about depression with family and friends. Teenagers need somebody to listen and talk about things that they afraid to say aloud. There are many communities in the form of mobile apps where the person going through depression can talk about his or her sadness, bad relationship or breakup, school-related issues and mental health. In such communities or groups, the person will be able to find thousands of people facing similar issues.
  • There are psychologist-designed apps that help combat depression and stress at its own pace. These apps are a self-guiding tool that tracks the mood, record, journal and analyze them. They contain features like mindfulness and relaxation audio tools that allow the person to meditate and relax.
  • Some apps are designed to control depression by suggesting mood-enhancing foods, ensuring adequate sleep and teaching the importance of writing down the thoughts in a diary. They also suggest many tools like listening to favorite music and watching favorite videos to elevate mood.
  • Apps help people going through the challenging time of depression to cope with trauma and track the symptoms of depression. They also offer coping strategies, such as relaxation techniques. Mobile apps help the person by sensing whether he or she is depressed or not. The smartphone’s global positioning system (GPS) and accelerometer collect data of a person’s movement and location. The algorithms analyze how frequent a person talks, interacts with social media and texts. If apps sense a pattern of isolation, then it sends an automated phone call or text to get out of their isolation and to do something entertaining.

Creativity alleviates depression

One of the best way to determine the right app is to ensure it is secure and not encroaching upon your privacy. Please note that a high-rating app may not always be a high-quality app. It is necessary to conduct some basic research, such as who has developed the app and does the person have any background in mental health. The mental health mobile apps are efficient, portable and accessible. They are even effective in combatting depression. Therefore, if a person suffering from depression and needs help or wants to talk to someone, then these mobile apps are the best tool.

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