Prevent depression before it acquires a chronic form

Prevent depression before it acquires a chronic form

The world is not an easy place to live in and it is only natural for people to suffer from bouts of depression from time to time. However, the real problem arises if it turns into something more chronic as it can severely affect one’s quality of life. Depression often seeps in gradually and if unattended, can manifest into a full-blown disorder. Listed below are some ways to help a person identify depression and nip it in the bud before it escalates into something more serious.

1. Give yourself a breather from time to time: It is true that staying busy helps ward off boredom and decreases the likelihood of one falling prey to depression. Having said that, it is equally important to not burden oneself with too much of work. Some people overburden themselves with too much of work and thus get overwhelmed, which increases one’s risk of getting depressed. Completely focusing on the job at hand and doing it efficiently, before taking up something else helps in maintaining mental composure.

2. Work out: Physical activity is associated with the release of hormones like dopamine and serotonin which are known to trigger happy feelings and at the same time, act as anti-depressants. Research has shown that exercise stimulates the brain function and makes one feel better. Thus, regardless of one’s schedule, one must devote at least 30 to 40 minutes daily to some sort of physical activity like brisk walking, aerobics, strength training, etc. to feel invigorated.

3. Eat healthy: People grappling with depression are more prone to diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. Therefore, it is a must for such people to take care of their diet and overall health. Discarding all sorts of processed and junk food from the diet and fortifying it with wholefoods containing wholegrains, green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, fish, etc., can prove to be helpful. In addition to this, one should stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and other substances with a potential to abuse.

4. Deal with stress the right way: It is almost next to impossible to completely shelter oneself from stress; however, a lot can be done to manage it effectively without losing sanity. Deep breathing, yoga and practicing some forms of meditation can help in alleviating stress and maintaining calmness of mind. If need be, one can also join several online and offline support groups to release the pent-up feelings.

5. A positive attitude: One cannot stress enough the importance of staying positive, even during the most difficult of situations. It helps one navigate through difficult situations without getting depressed and succumbing to pressure. Repeating positive affirmations that ‘I’m healthy and happy, “This too shall pass” can help one stay focused and happy.

6. Miscellaneous: Ultimately, human beings are social animals and we all feel the need to talk to and be heard by someone. Engaging in conversations with like-minded people, volunteering in social work and connecting with others can go a long way in limiting disenchanting thoughts from entering the mind.

Road to recovery

Depression afflicts 16 million American adults every year. It can affect anyone regardless of gender, age, social standing and ethnic background. If left untreated, it can develop into a chronic disease and affect a person’s relationships, official commitments, social circle and so much more. Therefore, one must seek professional intervention at the earliest. Cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, and medications together have shown promising results in the management of depression.

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