11 Signs that signal high-functioning depression

11 Signs that signal high-functioning depression

Depression is characterized by varied symptoms like unending sadness, inescapable disinterest, and the inability to get out of bed and complete even the basic chores. However, all forms of depression may not have the same symptoms. People suffering from high-functioning depression would be able to go about their normal day with high energy levels, but something inside them would not “feel right”.

Not a true medical term, individuals suffering from this disorder may not experience the same level of impairment when it comes to day-to-day life, but their symptoms are real and they have a decreased quality of life. Although, there is no clinical test available to quantify high-functioning depression, there are a few indicators or signs that help identify patients of this disorder.

  1. Tend to be over-achievers: Those who suffer from high-functioning depression tend to overdo things. They keep looking for complicated tasks to finish. Driven by their mental health, they keep doing something better expecting self-reclamation and recognition.
  2. Being upset about small things: Even a small error by oneself or another person can make such an individual feel overly upset.
  3. Vulnerable to using drugs and alcohol: In order to cope up with depression, patients often choose to self-medicate themselves with drugs and alcohol.
  4. Susceptible to harms and mishaps: Individuals suffering from high-functioning depression are unable to focus on the simple and easy tasks of life. They become awkward and clumsy while trying to ensure that no one notices their mental state. This imbalance makes them vulnerable to accidents.
  5. Not concerned about themselves: Patients ignore themselves and find even maintaining personal hygiene difficult. Because of the depths of their depression, their own health and needs recede to the background.
  6. On verge of breaking down: Such individuals struggle hard to keep their emotions in check. However, they might burst out even when they’re laughing.
  7. Hard time making decisions: Self-doubt is a trademark of depression. People with this kind of depression often find it difficult to make decisions on their own and when made, are not confident of them.
  8. Trouble focusing: Concentrating on a particular task or thing is difficult for the ones who are dealing with high-functioning depression. One becomes forgetful about things or days. This is because of the diminishing ability to concentrate, which often leads to misunderstandings at both the personal and professional front.
  9. Physical pain: Depression can exhibit itself in symptoms like body ache, joint pains, migraines, bloating or backaches. However, the cause of such physical pains are often confused with deficiencies or other problems.
  10. Disturbed sleeping patterns: One of the sure-shot signs of depression is disturbed sleeping patterns. Depression patients can either sleep in the whole day or experience trouble falling asleep at all. In both the cases, it is advisable to talk to a therapist.
  11. Social withdrawal: if one finds themselves cancelling get-togethers with friends very often, then they may be suffering from high-functioning depression. Though the person is able to get through the day, meeting friends at the end seems like a chore, best avoided.

Seeking help for depression

Regrettably, diagnosing depression in someone suffering from high-functioning depression can be tough as outwardly it appears as if everything is fine which is far from reality. The best way to get the right diagnosis would be to get in touch with certified therapists available at credible depression treatment centers.

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