Digital escape from depression: Seeking solace in video games may help

Digital escape from depression: Seeking solace in video games may help

Competitive surroundings that force individuals to challenge his/her own capacity and potential, and failure in meeting expectations can cause self-disappointment and self-dissatisfaction. While many people are capable of overcoming such failures, there are others who succumb to the pressure. Failures, disappointments and unfulfilled expectations often lead to depression.

Depression is a serious mental disorder which affects nearly 6.7 percent Americans, aged 18 years and older, in a year. Depression can make a person physically and mentally non-functional. In severe cases, it can provoke him/her to take dire steps in the form of suicide. Timely intervention is important to treat depression as the disorder tends to take control of the person’s life over time.

Video, online games help people pull out of depression

While depression treatment centers are always there to help sufferers overcome the problem, researchers suggest that playing video or online games can play an important role in pulling people out of depression. However, this very aspect of technology has been criticized by another segment, stating that such a transition has not only made children and teenagers lethargic, but has also led to technology addiction.

Going with Pokemon

The recent technology sensation Pokemon has been in controversy ever since its release. Experts say that online game Pokemon Go has many negative side effects, such as accidents and leg pain. However, there are some positive feedbacks as well. Many people have stated that they have noticed an improvement in their condition of depression as the game forces them to get out of their confinement and face the real world.

Majority of depressed people show confinement and disconnect as the initial symptoms of the mental disorder. Thus, separating them from their isolation becomes the first and the most imperative step toward treating depression. With Pokemon Go, people get encouraged and inspired to unstick themselves from their confinement and wander around places to catch pocket monsters.

Venturing out in open helps depressed people

In an effort to attract all the age groups, online and video game developers always put their best in terms of graphic and designs. Hence, many games offer utopic scenery and beauty which further help in altering the mood in depressed people. Online games, such as Elude and Flower, offer metaphorical landscape that takes the players into a different realm altogether, breaking their connection from the actual world.

Games like Pokemon Go, designed to trace characters to be found near tress or water, further enable the players to breathe some fresh air and experience the beauty of nature. Such an exposure to nature has been found to good for mental health, especially for patients suffering from depression. The chasing also helps them with some physical exercise such as walking and moving, which further aid in the improvement of the disorder.

Some of the common symptoms of depression are persistent sadness, anxiousness, reduced appetite and weight loss, or increased appetite and weight gain, loss of pleasure and interest in activities once enjoyed, restlessness and irritability.

Road to recovery

Handling depression can be challenging at any age. And to some extent technology has been helping people ward off the problem. Depressed people can make use of various apps that help in monitoring mood and offer support and help.

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